Taught/TA-ed the following courses in CUET/Dartmouth. I conducted theory courses and lab sessions as a co-instructor. Created and graded weekly assignments, class tests and final exams.

RoleAffiliationCourse TitleClass SizeSyllabus
Teaching assistantDartmouthMachine Learning150🎯[COSC-74/274]
Teaching assistantDartmouthTheory of Computation20🎯[COSC-39]
Teaching assistantDartmouthAlgorithms55🎯[COSC-31]
Co-instructorCUETObject-oriented programming (C++)132🎯[CSE-143]
Co-instructorCUETObject-oriented programming (Sessional)132🎯[CSE-144]
Co-instructorCUETStructured Programming (C)130🎯[CSE-141]
Co-instructorCUETStructured Programming (Sessional)130🎯[CSE-142]
Co-instructorCUETInternet Programming (Sessional)65🎯[CSE-326]

Invited Training/Workshops

Training on AI and Machine Learning with Python
Organized by: Sheikh Kamal IT Business Incubator, CUET.
🔗 [Resources] [June-2022]

Oraganized Workshop on Computational Analysis of Undesired Texts on Social Media
Organized by: CUET NLP Lab.
🔗 [Event] [June-2021]

Organized Workshop on Computational Linguistics & Bangla Language Processing
Organized by: Dept. of CSE and CUET NLP Lab.
🔗 [Event] [Sep-2019]

Training on Competitive Programming
Organized by: CUET Competitive Programming Club.
🔗 [Resources]